Friday 7 October 2011

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Planning, development and decision making are prerequisite processes for implementing a world-class infrastructure. With standards well developed and enforced, we at the believe in effectively using technology to create a state-of-the-art infrastructure.
Details                                                                                 Area
Office                                                                                 1200 sq f
Fabrication shop                                                             10000 sq f
Sand Blasting, painting shop & open area                28000 sq f
TOTAL AREA                                                                    39,200 sq.f
Machinery details:
ARC Welding machine 400amps                          -          16 No's
MIG welding machines ESAB-400amps              -          5 No’s
ESAB-250amps                                                        -           2 No’s
Gas Cutting Sets Hand Cutting machines          -          20 No’s
PUG Cutting machines                                           -          4 No’s
Magnetic Drilling Machines                                    -          5 No’s
1 inch drilling machines                                         -          6 No’s
Radial drilling machine                                          -          1 No’s
8mm Rolling machine                                           -          1 No’s
Flat Rolling machine                                              -          1 No’s

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Industrial Fabrication Chennai | Sri Murugan Industries Chennai | Smi India

Sree Murugan Industries was founded by Mr. Balamurugan in the year 2001 in Chennai, which dedicatedly shoulders the responsibility to do what is now known as "Sree Murugan industries'-world No. 1 in manufacturing.

The organization has facilities and production expertise to produce a wide range of products such as Stacker, Reclaimer, classifiers, Mill Stand, pressure vessels, structural, bucket elevators, conveyor pan, cyclones, separators, Airslide, conveyor galleries, lime mud filters, rotary locking, industrial fans, Turbine, equipment pollution control such as bag filters, etc.Industrial Fabrication in Chennai, Impeller, Cyclone, Separator, Stuctural, Blower